– TC Electronic Solutions Vietnam is located in Saigon high-tech part (SHTP) District 9, Ho Chi Minh City with 10,000m2 Workshop area and 3.300m2 offices with 5-floor Office Building and 3-floor Research and Development Building. Research and Development Department (R&D) with 25 engineers hardware and software to be able to research, design and various kinds of products: Set Top Box, Cable TV equipment, specialized electronic equipment as the request of customers. The factory with 30 engineers, technicians and 70 workers are managed according to standards ERP.

    + Assembly line Surface-mount technology (SMT) include:    

        * 2 x Mounter MX400 with speed of 46,000 components / hour.

         * 1 x Mounter MX400P with speed of 40,000 components / hour.   

         * 2 x Mounter MX200 with speed of 23,000 components / hour.

         * 2 x Mounter MX200P with speed of 17,000 components / hour.